This is the 4th and last post related to fresh wasabi.


In this post, the recipe is an experience of making alcohol having wasabi flavor with fresh wasabi.


It tooks me about 4 weeks before the finalization of this liquor, which is quite amazing. I am not sure it could be made with wasabi paste or powder, however if you find some fresh wasabi and like the taste of it, just try it as it is a good tasty surprise.


This liquor clearly smells wasabi, and taste strong but without the aggressive hot sensation that wasabi can give.


Should be consumed with moderation, as it is still alcohol after all.       


Wasabi Liquor





12,5 cl spirit with a neutral taste
15 g fresh wasabi
60 g sugar
13 cl water

Wash, dry and cut into shaving the wasabi, and pour it into a glass jar with the alcohol.

Screw the lid on tightly and store the jar in a cool, dark place for 20 days or more.

After 20 days or more,
bring water and sugar to the boil, up to the sugar is completely dissolved and the liquid has a syrup-like consistency.
It should take 2-3 minutes boiling.

Let it cool completely.


Filter through the alcohol with the wasabi to remove the wasabi pieces
and pour the alcohol in the cold syrup.
Pour it into a glass bottle.

It can be stored for months.



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